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about 1 year ago

Who are you building for?

Accelerate the deal cycle for sales, automate approvals for finance, resolve incidents faster for IT – the possibilities are endless! Whatever you decide, this is an opportunity to connect with your teammates to identify and build solutions for high-impact problems on Slack.

How to get started? Pick a team you would like to help and get to know them. Here are some questions to kick off your conversation:

  • What are your challenges while working on distributed teams?
  • Where does your team face roadblocks that hurt productivity?
  • What KPIs are the highest priority and which process would you want to improve to positively impact them?
  • Is there a process that requires multiple portals or time filling out forms?
  • Are there any solutions you wish you had already?

Reminder: At 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 10:30 PM IST today join us on the Slackathon Slack to ask the Slack team questions or share news about your project.