Participants who provide valuable feedback about the next generation of the Slack Platform (currently in beta) are eligible for extra cash prizes.


The Slack Platform as it exists today is where and how you’ll be building your project submission, but Slack is in the midst of building exciting new components and rearchitecting the developer platform experience. 

These capabilities are currently in beta, and as a hackathon participant, you have access to a shared workspace where the new platform functionality is enabled. 

Please check the email you used for hackathon sign-up, and you’ll find a workspace invitation for



As long as you’re signed into, you’ll be able to view all API documentation and start developing and testing on the new Slack Platform.

Please note that we are still in beta so technical support is limited.



Once you’re signed into the Digital HQ Slackathon workspace, navigate to the #feedback-new-platform channel and the shortcuts menu within. It’s the lightning bolt icon next to the message composer. There you’ll find a Submit feedback menu item. Simply select, fill out the form, and follow other prompts until you’ve completed the feedback submission.



  • You must be an eligible individual that is registered for the hackathon on Devpost to participate. 
  • You will need a Slack account and have signed into the Digital HQ Slackathon workspace.
  • The feedback must include actionable feedback that the Slack team can use to improve the next generation of the Slack Platform (for example, bug reports, user interface improvements, suggested integrations, and more)
  • Feedback will be judged based on completeness, viability, and potential impact of the feedback.
  • Most Valuable Feedback for the next generation of the Slack Platform prizes of $1000 USD will go to the top 6 feedback providers.
  • See the rules for details