• Slack APIs - Our core APIs for apps to access and update data
  • Bolt - Foundational framework that helps you build apps fast in JavaScript, Python, and Java
  • Create an app -  Use our APIs to build an app that makes people's working lives better.
  • Customize workflows - While designed to require no code, workflows can be made even more useful by developers like you.





Your project should solve a problem for at least one of the below teams.

  • Across your Digital HQ
    • Common Use Cases: Cross-functional collaboration, knowledge discovery & sharing, crowdsourcing ideas & collecting feedback, asynchronous work to reduce meetings across timezones, all-hands meetings & AMAs
    • How to get started:
      • Ask colleagues on your team or in other groups about their challenges in working on distributed teams when it comes to meetings and collaboration
      • Explore which types of knowledge are difficult to find or expertise that is hard to tap into and learn from, including how to better surface this across others who could benefit
      • Find out which teams are always looking for ideas and brainstorming outside of their organization to create a better ideation and feedback cycle that involves others who are not typically involved or called upon

  • Sales
    • Common Use Cases: Account/opportunity management, accelerating Quote-to-Cash process, deal approvals, sales onboarding & enablement, building sales team culture & communities
    • How to get started:
      • Work with a sales leader to identify where reps face roadblocks that slow down deals or hurt productivity
      • Engage sales ops to understand where deals get stuck because of reviews & approvals and find ways to remove bottlenecks in the Quote-to-Cash process
      • Ask training or sales enablement how to bring more visibility to not only top-down sales training, but also connecting reps across the organization to share best practices and help each other

  • Service & Frontline Workers
    • Common Use Cases: Triage & escalation processes, support and agent onboarding & knowledge base, integrating ticketing tools across departments, KPI threshold alerts and customer insights
    • How to get started: 
      • Collaborate with Service or Support Operations to learn which KPIs are highest priority and how speeding up certain processes could positively impact them
      • Ask someone who supports Service technology to see how disparate ticketing or service management tools might be integrated or customized to accelerate the triage or escalation process, potentially across other teams such as Engineering who need situational context
      • Engage a Customer Experience leader to discuss how siloed data and insights across multiple systems are surfaced for high priority customers or across the entire customer base, to ensure the right people across multiple teams can take action quickly

  • Engineering & Product
    • Common Use Cases: Automating SDLC & CI/CD, code reviews, integrating dev toolchain, 3rd party dev collaboration
    • How to get started:
      • Ask an engineering manager or Head of Developer Productivity what they wish they could have automated or where engineers get stuck
      • Work with the Incident Management team to figure out how to get the right responders in the right place more quickly or streamline post-incident reviews
      • Understand how to reduce context switching between various dev tools, so engineers can see important notifications and updates in a single place

  • IT & Operations
    • Common Use Cases: Incident management (including security), IT Helpdesk, software access & licensing, vendor and 3rd party partner collaboration
    • How to get started:
      • Work with IT Service Management or Helpdesk leaders to identify how to make submitting tickets and update notifications easier without getting lost in multiple portals or wasting time filling out forms
      • Understand how IT Security identifies and manages security incidents and which teams need to collaborate together to quickly mitigate and resolve these issues
      • Learn from IT Vendor Management or Procurement to understand any pain points with 3rd party vendor collaboration and how back-and-forth email threads may not be the quickest way to onboard or work with external parties

  • Marketing & Creative
    • Common Use Cases: Campaign lifecycle from idea-to-launch, working with external partners like agencies, demand generation and lead management, taking action on data from in-house systems and external systems, integrating siloed mar-tech tools, sales & marketing alignment
    • How to get started: 
      • Engage Marketing Ops or Digital/Product/Events Marketing leaders to learn where slow downs exist in the end-to-end campaign process and identify solutions to automate or speed up the largest bottlenecks, including: Planning (ideating, whiteboarding, project management apps), Execution (agency collaboration, file management, collaborating with data), Reporting (setting up metrics and measurement for reporting, integration with data apps or creating custom workflows and bots). 
      • Ask Demand Generation or Business Development team about the lead generation process and how leads can more quickly be qualified and passed to the sales organization. 
      • Understand the various marketing tools across the organization and how they can be integrated together so marketers can reduce context switching throughout the day and improve productivity. Engage Marketing Ops and ask about utilization of martech tools, integration of tools, action taken on insights from tools, and identify solutions to integrate the tools, uncover value, and drive utilization and ROI.

  • HR, Finance, Legal & Corporate functions
    • Common Use Cases: Reviews & approvals, onboarding & policy adherence, annual planning exercises, mergers & acquisitions 
    • How to get started: 
      • Ask someone in HR, Finance, or Legal about repetitive tasks or requests that could be streamlined to make their lives easier (such as procurement processes, HR/PTO approvals, etc)
      • Learn from leaders in your department or others you have worked with about the pain of annual planning exercises from an HR or Finance perspective and see if there is a way to simplify and bring more transparency to this process across leadership teams
      • Collaborate with HR on the new hire onboarding process or mandatory training that is required from new policies to find how to make this a better experience for both employees and the other departments involved



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